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Ferdinand J. Lindheimer was one of the most instrumental figures of this region, even beforehe guided the first settlers here and is often referred to as “The Father of Texas Botany.” Withcommunity activities planned to celebrate his 200th birthday on May 21st, 2001 for the subject matterof the second historic mural – a story of Lindheimer’s life – educator, soldier, botanist, medicine man,settler guide, newspaper editor-publisher. During 2000, Mary Anne Hollmig, Barney and EthelCanion, Dolores Schumann along with the help of the Sophienburg Museum and N.B. ConservationSociety, gathered many pages of history on the life of this unique man. Many artists submittedrenderings. The board felt the one by San Antonio muralist, Alex Brochon, was most visuallyinteresting and he was hired in February of 2001 to begin the work on the L.A. Hoffmann Buildinglocated at 165 South Seguin Avenue, one half block from the Main Plaza. The two story portion ofthe mural was completed and dedicated in ceremonies honoring Lindheimer’s 200th birthday, May21, 2001. The remainder of the mural was completed and signed in late fall of 2001. Most of thefunds to produce this project were private contributions. All paint related products were donated byMax Bailey and the Devoe Paint Company. The City of New Braunfels funded a portion of thisproject. Permanent lighting of the mural was completed in 2003 through the generosity of GraingerWeston.With thousands of years of history affected by, influenced, and dependent on the ComalSprings, it was apparent that the third historic mural be located in Landa Park – near the source of itall – the Comal Springs. Again, historic information was gathered by Mary Anne Hollmig, JonnaBeck and Anna Margaret Alexander reflecting the entities affected and influenced by the springs andthis information was presented to muralist Clinton Baermann. He was selected for a second muralbecause of his in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. His main focus was to paint the effect of thesprings on prehistoric animal and plant life, the native American Indians, and the El Conquistadors,the El Camino Real Road passing by the Springs, agriculture and livestock, diverse ethnic groups andthe beginning of industry, all dramatically affected in one way or another by these precious springs.The Recreation Building in Landa Park was selected as the mural site and unanimous approval wasgranted by the Parks Advisory Board in December of 2003 and the City Council in January of 2004.Work began on “The Lure of the Springs” in March of 2004. Funds for this project came from privateThe “Ferdinand J. Lindheimer” Mural located on S. SeguinAve. just off the Main Plaza.A portion of the mural titled “City of a Prince” located onS. Castell Ave. at W . San Antonio St.51contributions, Hotel Occupancy Tax Funds through the Arts and Heritage Commissions of the Cityof New Braunfels. All paint related products were generously donated by Tri County Paint and SprayCompany and Coronado Paints. All necessary prep work on the building was kindly donated byvarious members of the Baermann family and friends. The City Parks and Recreation Departmentgave tremendous support and help bringing this project to completion. The mural dedication was heldOctober 8, 2004. It was part of a day long field trip for 500 area 4th grade students experiencing ahands-on lesson in history. The Parks Department will continue to use this mural as an educationaltool for school children.The “Lure of the Springs” dedicatedOctober 8, 2004.In addition to the individuals already mentioned, without the help of the following individualsand businesses, this organization could not have accomplished it’s goals of “highlighting history andhonoring heritage.” They include: K.C. Crandall, Lynn Preston Fountain, Roger Nuhn, Paul Fraser,Pete Stocking, Mayor Jan Kennady, Anna Lee Hicks, Carolyn Reed, Kathleen McClendon, RichardSanchez, Victor Garcia, Sharon McGlaughlin, Lois Newton, Grainger Weston, Don Ferguson, Boband Judy Abbey, Jonna Beck, Cathy Flocke Rolf Ed Moore, Jan Soechting, Stacey Laird, Linda Lane,Dwight Mickelthwait, Howard Huntzinger, Mayor Stoney Williams, Councilman Robert Kendrick,Mayor Adam Cork, Council members Gale Pospisil, Valerie Hull, Ken Valentine, The Hotel Faust,Henne Hardware, Color Express, Radio KGNB-KNBT, NB Herald-Zeitung, Greater New BraunfelsChamber of Commerce, Circle Arts Theatre and the Greater New Braunfels Arts Council.52The Board for 2005 consists of: Wayne Rahe, President; Cheryl Fisher, Vice-President; LoisNewton, Secretary; Jerry Berry Mostyn, Treasurer; Mary Anne Hollmig, Historian; Anna MargaretAlexander, Caroline Weston, Dwight Mickelthwait, and Paul Tadlock; Jan Soechting, Main StreetManager, consultant.In September 2005, the Historic Outdoor Art Gallery/N.B., Inc. became a member of theGlobal Mural Arts and Cultural Tourism Association.53Mid-Texas SymphonyThe Mid-Texas Symphony wasestablished June 10, 1978 by AnitaWindecker, professor emeritus of TexasLutheran University, to serve the NewBraunfels and Seguin communities.The Mid-Texas Symphony Societystrives to foster, promote and increasemusical knowledge and appreciation by thepublic, including students, througheducational activities. These purposes areaddressed by organizing and presentingperformances, classes, lectures, and music appreciation events.Music programs are chosen primarily from the symphonic music repertoire, as well as fromchamber music, opera, vocal chorus, solo recital or the dance.The origins of the organization can be traced to a meeting in Wupperman Little Theater ofTexas Lutheran’s Fine Arts building in Seguin, and the structure came together over the next year ina series of milestones.July 13, 1978: The Mid-Texas Symphony Society was formed and officers and a board ofdirectors were elected.August 1978: The symphony was accepted into membership in the American SymphonyOrchestra League.September 18, 1978: The Mid-Texas Symphony Guild, Seguin Chapter, was organized inMcKeon Hall of St. Andrews’ Episcopal Church in Seguin, Texas.November 19, 1978: Marked the premier concert of the Mid-Texas Symphony Orchestra inthe Seguin Coliseum.February 5, 1979: The Mid-Texas Symphony Guild, New Braunfels Chapter, was organizedin the Gaz Green office.April 29, 1979: The premier concert of the Mid-Texas Symphony Orchestra was presentedin the New Braunfels Civic Center.54October 7, 1979: The Mid-Texas Symphony Chorus was organized with 100 voices andpresented its first concert with the orchestra in December.February 18, 1983: The Symphony Society sponsored the first Young Artists’ Competitionat Texas Lutheran’s Ayers Recital Hall.October 1988: The first “free” children’s concerts were presented in New Braunfels andSeguin by the Mid-Texas Symphony Orchestra.April 2000: The first outdoor concert in a number of years was presented and performed atat a central location between the two communities. More than 400 people attended the concert anddinner afterward.The Mid-Texas Symphony has grown from an annual budget of $10,000 in 1978 toapproximately $200,000.Anita Windecker, now Professor Emeritus of Texas Lutheran University, grew up in a musicalfamily that would shape her decision to teach music and eventually establish a symphony orchestraof what is now mostly professional musicians. In reflecting on how it all got started, Ms. Windeckerrecalls hearing faculty at Texas Lutheran talk about playing musical instruments. And with enoughstudents paying 50 cents to ride a bus into San Antonio to attend a symphony concert, she saw theneed for having an orchestra in the local community.Spending two to three years reading and learning about orchestras gave Ms. Windecker thefoundation to begin the process of developing one the community could call its own. She realizedthat taken separately Seguin and New Braunfels could not support an orchestra on their own, butcould find success if the resources of the two communities were combined.With the counsel of Judge Joe Dibrell, Robert Koennecke, CPA, and Dr. Charles Oestreich,President of what was then Texas Lutheran College, Ms. Windecker was able to gain incorporationfor the symphony in August 1978 and acceptance into membership in the American SymphonyOrchestra League. Musicians from local and neighboring communities, including San Marcos,Austin and San Antonio, who answered a request in local newspapers, began practicing a couple ofmonths prior to this and performed their first concert in Seguin on November 19, 1978, led by avolunteer conductor.With a smile, Ms. Windecker recalls that one of the pieces performed at the concert was“Come to Jesus” in whole notes.Support by the local communities allowed the symphony to triple its budget within the firstyear. The Seguin and New Braunfels chapters of the Mid-Texas Symphony Guild were alsoestablished within the first year. The second season saw the formation of the Mid-Texas SymphonyChorus along with its premier performance with the orchestra on December 16, 1979.55In addition to its six concerts each season, the Mid-Texas Symphony sponsors Children’sconcerts for fourth through sixth grade students at area school districts each October. Strings classesare available for local students. The young artist competition allows musicians at thecollege/university level to compete among others in their peer group for recognition in the areas ofvoice and piano, Each spring fourth through fifth grade students in local schools compete in theMusic Memory program to identify classical pieces, movements and composers.5657New Braunfels Art LeagueThe New Braunfels Art League, havinga long and eventful history, celebrated its 40thanniversary in 2005 jointly with the NewBraunfels Conservation Society. The monthlongevents included a gala, art shows, hometours and luncheons.The group began in the early 1960'swith Angie Banta Brown and Maxine Rackrenting the Robert Krueger house on SouthSeguin Avenue where they gave lessons, soldart supplies and met informally. The Wurstfest Association in 1964 asked the group to organize adisplay of art, crafts and antiques during the festival. The group formally organized January 18, 1965,with 31 members for the purposes of promoting art, art education and having at least two shows ayear. Current charter members (in 2005) include Angie Brown, Mava Hillje, Emmie Ikels, ClaudineReinarz, and Cathern Scheel.The first meetings were held in members’s homes, but as the group grew, they utilized spacein the Entex Gas Company, Canyon High School, New Braunfels High School and the Civic Centerlobby. As membership increased, they looked for a more permanent place to open a gallery and havespace for meetings and workshops. They found a rent-free storefront in 1983 in Walnut Plaza whichhad almost no traffic. The members cleaned and painted it, making it attractive to a rent-paying lesseewho claimed it. The League had three das to vacate and move everything to another smallerstorefront in Walnut Plaza were they stated for almost nine years.Elaine Felder, a long-time board members and President since 1990 through this date (May2005) is in real estate, and she began looking at downtown buildings available through foreclosure.The 9,000+ square-foot building she found at 239 W. San Antonio was two buildings on the firstfloor, one on the second floor and basements. Because one downstairs building only had one entrance(a fire code violation) and the second floor unity, both had to be purchased together. The structurewas in terrible shape. The roof leaked through both floors. Because of broken windows, pigeons andbats considered the building their home. Later mice, rats, a family of rattlesnakes and foot-tallmushrooms were found in the building.With half of the purchase price in the bank, the group vigorously set about raising the restthrough donations. Marion “Cookie) Clark was honorary chair and suggested we asked for donationsof $30 (the expected cost of purchasing and renovating per square foot) or more. Those who gaveat least that amount were members of the Square Foot Club and received a foot-shaped pin with thesquare-foot symbol on it, designed by Elaine Felder. Ella May Breckenridge was on the board of theCecilia Young Willard Helping Hands Foundation and was influential in our receiving $115,000 over58the next few years.The building became ours July 31, 1990, but the group could not move in until July 30, 1994.The renovations moved slowly and only when funds were in hand. The main gallery was the onlyfinished room downstairs, the upstairs was unusable. Again, work continued as the money wasavailable. In February 2000 a very successful “Puttin’ On the Ritz” gala was held to provide fundsto install an elevator, and a Kronkosky grant provided the rest. Now the second floor contains a largewell-used workshop/classroom, four studios, office/library, snack area and restrooms. The 1913structure has recently received a historical building designation.Through the years the Art League has always held a major fall and spring show in variousplaces including Landa Park, New Braunfels High School, Elks Lodge, the Civic Center and finallyat our downtown gallery. In time other shows came along until now there is a special show monthlyin the Elaine Felder Square Food Gallery. The Main Gallery is for members’ other works, anddisplaying artists man the gallery as volunteers. The NBAL has always participated in Wassailfest,a downtown block party in early December, with up to 18,000 persons coming through the gallery.The group has had art classes and occasional artistic outreaches for adults and children sinceabout 1982 and gives several scholarships yearly to area high school graduates. In recent years it hashad a Fast Draw Event in March benefitting Hope Hospice New Braunfels and Downtown NewBraunfels Historic Preservation causes. The Fast Draw brought 20 artists together to create arttogether to create art works in one hour which were then auctioned.In 2004 major remodeling was done to the first floor, creating a new stunning backdrop forthe art works. Providing the major leadership were Parri Sypersma, Darrell Solanik, Lynette Clauserand Wayne RaheForty years and counting ........ Pat DeltzThe Grand Reopening ribbon-cutting ceremony at thenewly redecorated gallery in March 2004 includedCouncilmember Gail Pospisil, Bill Kotylo, President ElaineFelder, Chair Wayne Rahe, Mayor Adam Cork and StoneyWilliams.Raymond and John Haas and Sterling Rogers move the ArtLeague’s belongings into the unremodeled back room onthe future gallery, July 30, 1994.59The New Braunfels Community ChoraleThe love of music is a tradition strongly ingrained from the “Old Country” and holds anhonored place in New Braunfels. The New Braunfels Community Chorale, once known as theHeritage Chorale, was formed in 1979 with the hope of carrying on the rich musical history of thearea. The Chorale applies traditional choral techniques to musical selections from the classics, toBroadway, to traditional hymns, and to folk music.The president and a founder of the organization was Dr. Fredrick Frueholz, Jr. Under thedirection of Ted Printz, the first concert of the Chorale was held at the First Protestant Church onNovember 4, 1979. The pianists were Janice Cobb and Judy Scheffel. In 1980 Tom Tickner becamethe Director and Jo Ann Lemmon started accompanying the Chorale. In 1981 the Director was Dr.Arlis Hiebert. From 1979 to1982, the Chorale performed one major concert per year.The Chorale has had many directors since it was formed. In 1982 C. Richard Morris directed.Rehearsals were held throughout the year and two major concerts were performed one in the springand the other in the fall. The concerts were held in the local churches. In November of 1983 Dr.James Bert Neely became the director.On January 28, 1986, the organization’s name was changed to The New Braunfels CommunityChorale. The first concert under its new name was in April, 1986. There were 39 membersperforming.In October of 1986, Dr. Barbara Brinson, a music faculty member from Southwest Texas StateUniversity, took over conducting the Chorale for a short period. From November of 1987 to 1990Bill Kretzmeier was the director. Bill taught music and has had various directorships.Cindy Hunsucker became the new director in 1990. She taught school and had directed choirsin McAllen and College Station. In 1994 Marsha A. Carlisle took over the reins of the Chorale. Shewas a teacher, conductor and a festival adjudicator.Perry Dean, the former choir director of the First United Methodist Church in New Braunfels,became the Director in 1995. He received his music education from Southwest Texas State Universityand did his graduate work in conducting at University of Texas San Antonio.Pat Pritchard took over the Chorale in 1997. Teaching privately, she was a voice and pianoteacher. In 2002 Anne Hair became the interim Director and remained directing until the spring of2004. She was a choral director and a high school Assistant Principal in the Houston area schools.The 2004 spring concert of the Chorale was directed by Timothy Smith. He has been activeas an organist, choirmaster, recitalist and teacher for more than 20 years in Texas, the Midwest, andthe South. He has concertized widely and has recorded for broadcasts on the National Protestant60Fourth of July Concert in Landa Park - Front Row: BarbaraBotkin, Ann Young, Linda A McPeak, Second Row: EllenSperling, Bill Holden, A. D. Nuhn, 2004Hour. Tim has directed the Advent Vespers forseveral years. He is currently Director of Music atSt. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Austin TX.Tim continues to direct the Chorale in 2005.Jo Ann Lemmon has been the pianist for theChorale for the past 25 years and remains in thatcapacity. She is a retired elementary classroomteacher and served as the organist for the FirstUnited Methodist Church in New Braunfels for 24years.Currently The Chorale performs four to fivetimes a year in addition to the two major concerts.It participates in such festivities as the Fourth ofJuly concert in the park, Christmas festivities on thePlaza, and Gruene Christmas. The Choraleperforms annually for the New Braunfels Music Study Club’s Parade of American Music along withother local musicians. The group sings for the residents of Eden Home and Eden Heights in NewBraunfels. It also is invited to sing for private functions. The Chorale holds rehearsals in theFriendship Room at the Eden Home 10 weeks prior to each major concert and special rehearsals areheld prior to the other functions performed. At the present the Chorale has 50 members. Theconcerts are now being held at The Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre in downtown New Braunfels.The Chorale is a non-profit community organization dedicated to preserving, promoting andperforming choral music. The organization has a governing Board of Directors.2005 Board: Ann Young…President, Beth Neill…Vice President, Kenneth Devillier…TreasurerDottie Kabo…Secretary, Dorothy Baetge, Larry Hubertus, Carol Johnson, Jerrie Lay, Linda McPeak,Bill Sperling.Some 1997 Members - Seated : Fred Frueholz, Jr.,Margaret Warncke, Jeannie Hays. Standing: DavidHensley, Noel Williams, Bill Holden, Ken Devillier, A. D.Nuhn, John Magness, Sandy Parker, and Bob Horsey.Dinner with the Arts 2001 - Front Row: Ann Kleeman,Dorothy Nehring, Trudy Lambrecht, Second Row: DavidHensley, Ken Will, Dorothy Johnson, Third Row: JohnMagness and John Oyer.61Velva Jean Fischer - Director, and the New BraunfelsKinderchor, 1971.The New Braunfels KinderchorThe New Braunfels Kinderchor, a German children’s choir, was organized to promote theheritage of New Braunfels through song and goodwill. The choir performed at various functionsthroughout South Texas, and was founded in the mid 1960's by Frau Lottie Wuk from Germany.She directed the choir for several years andfollowing Frau Wuk, the choir was led by Mrs.Verna Huegele and Sylvia Baumann.The Kinderchor performed at local events,Mrs. Huegele played the accordion and SylviaBaumann directed the choir. In 1970 Velva JeanFischer directed the Kinderchor and HanneloreBrotze and Helgard Suhr helped teach the Germansongs. The choir played a big role in March 1970for the 125-year celebration fo the founding ofNew Braunfels. One-hundred and twenty-fiveguests from our sister-city Braunfels, Germany,attended the festivities. During the years the choirperformed at Wurstfest, and rode in parades atNew Braunfels, Kerrville, San Antonio and othercities.In 1975, Sandra Guenther, Helgard Suhr,Rennie Guenther and Ed Kadlecek were in chargeKinderchor, About 1968 - Sitting on Floor, Left to Right:Deborah Ann Jenschke, Gloria Friesenhahn, Susan Alves,Luray Huegle, Cheryl Meckel, Ray Gene Staats, MinnieBurkhardt, Sylvia Bauman - Director, Under Flag, Left toRight: Cathy Sarkozi, Rodney Moos, Verna Huegele -Accordionist,, Standing Left to Right: Margy Laue, HelenHeimer, Libby Tolley, April Warncke, Ron Friesenhahn,Jim Weisman, Willliam Alves, Jeffrey Schwarzlose.Sandra and Rennie Guenther, Greg Green and Helgard Suhrperformed in 1984 with the New Braunfels Kinderchor atthe annual Wurstfest.62Third Row Left to Right: Helgard Suhr, Brigitte Suhr, JanetFranks, ?, Keegan Armke, Robin Weisser, ?, Stephany Proske,?, Kitty VanHorn, Greg Guenther, Sandra Guenther, SecondRow Left to Right, Nika Schmidt, Michael, Kathy & JohnBrotzke, Monika Suhr, Beth Dierksen, Zane Marshall, BeckyGuenther, Michael Penshorn, First Row Left to Right: DuanePenshorn, Renata Rittemann, ?, Christi Wenzel, ? Tili Schmidt,Wendy Marshall.of The New Braunfels Kinderchor and led thegroup until 1989.The New Braunfels Kinderchorperformed in New Braunfels and surroundingareas. They entertained at German AmericanSociety meetings, sang at Wurstfest, theFolklife Festival in San Antonio and atChristmas time for the patients of several localrest homes. The choir represented our city atparades in Seguin, Kerrville, Fredericksburg,San Antonio, and other cities.In 1989, David C. Smith directed thechoir and his mother, Pearly Sowell, played theaccordion. In 1998, the choir was dissolved.NOTE: The German American Society and Säengehalle, Inc. Are planning to form a newKinderchor by 2006. Roy Knippa, Mary Irwin, Helgard Suhr-Hollis and Evelyn Gerard have nowbrought back the New Braunfels Kinderchor.63Reception - Parade of American MusicNew Braunfels Music Study ClubThe New Braunfels Music Study Club was organized by Miss Roma Koepp (Mrs. TomBinford) on February 4, 1928. Mrs. Irma Guinn became its first president. The objectives of the Clubwere to promote the study of music for the purpose of aiding and encouraging musical education, andmaintaining a high music standard in our community. In 1929, the Club joined the Texas andNational Federation of Music Clubs. Monthly meetings are held in homes, churches, and other publicbuildings in the community.In the 1930's the Club organized and federated Juvenile and Junior Music Clubs, givingstudents the opportunity to participate in the Federation Festivals which were held in different citiesin the district and state.During the 1950's and 1960's the music teacher members presented their students in weekly30-minute programs on Radio Station KGNB on Saturday mornings.The Club has a Past Presidents’ Assembly chartered in 1965 which supports the NationalArtists’ Fund.Among the many outstanding projects of the Club is the Annual Advent Vespers, now in its44 year. In 2005 Mr. Tim Smith will direct a th nd Mrs. JoAnn Lemmon will be the accompanist.Presently the Club awards a $1,000 scholarship to a local graduating senior who plans tomajor in music.The Club continues to encourage and support fine music in the community with the hope thatit will enrich the lives of everyone.Advent Vespers64652000 A Christmas Carol - RylaWolf Cunningham Edwards.New Braunfels Theatre CompanyThe New Braunfels Theatre Company began as a small group of live-theatre enthusiasts whowere working as volunteers to help the Brauntex get ready for its grand opening GALA with the SanAntonio Symphony scheduled for April of 2000. As they scrubbed floors, cleaned air conditioninggrates, made and hung backdrop black curtains, cleaned and deodorized the theatre seats, anddesigned and made over 600 denim seat covers for the grimy seats, they became a very close knitgroup who often spoke of forming our own performing company. The dream became reality whenwe met in July 9, 2000, to formalize plans for our group and begin writing goals and objectives forthe New Braunfels Theatre Company. Founding members included: Lois and Lanny Roberds, Anne& Charles Hair, Kortnee Lamarre, Don and Nancy Ament, Marcia Kelly, Loree Pembleton, Harrietand Bill Cullen, Dottie Kabo, Jan and Don Williams, Betty and Richard Miller, Mary Claire Tuohy,Ryla Wolf Cunningham, Ann Young, and Scott McBride.The purpose of the organization is multi-level. (1) Offer Performance Opportunities.NBTC provides opportunities for talented artists and technicians to participate in live theatricalproductions through acting, singing, dancing, directing, playing an instrument in the orchestra,designing and building sets, decorating and painting scenery, operating lighting and sound systems,and managing props and sets back stage. (2) Entertain and Cultivate. NBTC strives to provideprofessional quality entertainment for the people in the community and surrounding area and tocultivate a life-long love for live theatre that will encourage people to get involved in theatre asparticipants, volunteers, and enthusiastic, discriminating audience members. (3) Educate. Provideeducational opportunities for NBTC members and the community that will encourage participants todevelop existing talents, abilities, and skills, and possibly to discover unknown talents and abilitiesthrough seminars, workshops, and guest clinicians. (4) Encourage and Support. Support all livetheatre by publishing up-coming area auditions and production dates in itsnewsletter and by attending theatrical productions in the local schooldistricts, area-wide community theatres, and professional venues as well.NBTC’s first production in December, 2000, was a very successfulversion of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol with added music adaptedfor the Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre stage by President, LoisRoberds. The production was a benefit for the Brauntex with all proceedsafter expenses going to the Brauntex renovation project. The spring 2001production was a One-Act Play festival held at St. Peter and Paul Church,followed by an adult production of The King and His Friends, directed byKortnee Lamarre, which was performed in area elementary schools.In the fall of 2001, the Brauntex “went dark” to begin phase twoof its renovation project With the Brauntex closed, the NBTC had noplace to perform, but the board continued to meet and plan for futureevents. The Brauntex reopened in November, 2002, with the Theatre662002 The Music Man Todd Smith as HaroldHill (foreground)2004 The Wizard of Oz Jeff Fowler, KatieMcFerran, Kent Hofstadt, Duane Neel, & Lee Edwards.2005 Annie Get Your Gun Duane Neel, Jeni Gentry,Rachel Muschalek, Jordan Fowler, Carley Feffelfinger, andSidney WattsCompany’s production of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple, directed by Jan Williams and Ryla Wolf.In the spring of 2003 under the direction ofJan Williams, NBTC took their One Act productionof George MacEwan Green’s The Once and FutureKing to the Texas Non-Profit Theatre Association’sQuad competition in San Antonio, Texas. July2003 found the Theatre Company in River City,Iowa, with Harold Hill in a successful three-weekproduction of Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man.The 2004 production transported NBTCover the rainbow to OZ in The Wizard of OZ,directed by Kortnee Lamarre. OZ was filled withtechnological innovations with projected backdropsof whirling tornados, poppy fields, Munchkin Landrainbows and dark forests. A whirling house, flyingroof, witch’s fireballs, storm winds and rain, livepoppies, Munchkins, and special lighting effectswere a hit with young and old alike.In February NBTC held a fund-raiser show,dinner and dance entitled a “NIGHT IN OLDCHICAGO” to raise funds for the next production.Irving Berlin’s Annie Get Your Gun opened June 9,2005 for a three week run to rave reviews.The president, Lee Edwards, has been anactive participant in theatre since high school and amember of several community theatres around thecountry. Favorite roles include Bundles in Annie,Kurt in The Sound of Music, Noah Claypool inOliver, Tim Warwick in Camelot, the CowardlyLion in The Wizard of OZ, and Chief Sitting Bull inAnnie Get Your Gun.Artistic Director, Angela Lackey, has aMaster of Arts degree in Theatre History and672005 Annie Get Your Gun Lee Edwards and MarshallLord.2005 Annie Get Your GunJeff FowlerCriticism, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Actingfrom Southwest Texas State University. Shedirected The Music Man and Annie Get Your Gun forthe Theatre Company and designed all costumes forThe Wizard of OZ. Angela is very much at home onthe stage as well, appearing as the Wicked Witch ofthe West in The Wizard of OZ, Chava in Fiddler onthe Roof, Tood in The Cover of Life, and in chorusroles in plays from West Side Story to The Best LittleWhorehouse inTexas.Anne Hair, a founding member of NBTC, is a retired publicschool educator teaching choral music and drama for twenty fouryears. She was an assistant principal for eight years in charge ofstudent discipline and the Fine Arts department at Pearland HighSchool in the Houston area. Mrs. Hair has a Bachelor of Arts degreein Vocal Performance, Conducting, and All-Level Music Educationfrom Houston Baptist University and a Master of Education degreein Mid-Management and Supervision from Stephen F. AustinUniversity. Mrs. Hair has performed in Annie Get Your Gun, Gypsy,South Pacific, and The Music Man in Houston, Texas, with theTheatre Under the Stars. She also produced and directed manymusicals at the high school level. Mrs. Hair has appeared in NBTC productions of A ChristmasCarol, The Music Man, and Annie Get Your Gun. She and her husband Charles produced The MusicMan and the Wizard of OZ, and Mrs. Hair was the Associate Producer of Annie Get Your Gun.Bill Biggadike, Company Producer and Promotion Director, is an avid supporter of the theatrearts, performing such roles as President Roosevelt in Annie, the Doorman in The Wizard of OZ. Mr.Biggadike was the Executive Producer of Annie Get Your Gun.Each year the theatre continues to grow and discover more wonderfully talented people righthere in New Braunfels. The theatre company has over 40 members and invites anyone interested inhelping with the quest to join the organization. “Because we have no theatre building of our own,we meet in the New Braunfels Art League Gallery and thank them for their generosity,” says AnneHair. If you would like to get on the mailing list or e-mail list for announcements about upcomingprojects, e-mail Anne Hair at and include your address and phone number orcall her at 830 606-3285.Upcoming productions include plans for a Christmas Revue at the Brauntex in December2005; and in 2006, a fund-raiser dinner, dance and show in February, a comedy/drama Steel68Magnolias in the spring, and a musical production of Grease in June.Compiled by Anne Hair69The New Braunfels Writers’ GuildMission Statement for the New Braunfels Writer’s Guild:To foster creativity in the arts.To promote the oral and written forms of storytelling.To encourage novice and experienced writers as we develop our craft.To provide critical support for writers accumulating language skills.To write:To write,To write!First AnniversaryThe New Braunfels Writer’s Guild celebrated its first anniversary on November 1, 2004.Twenty Charter Members penned their Mission Statement. These literary artists range in skill levelfrom novice to published authors. They are interested in all genres except horror at this point, butwelcome the next Edgar Allen or King in the making into their chapter.The Guild meets once a month at the New Braunfels Public Library on a Saturday morning from10:30 to 1:00 and once a month at a member’s home on a Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 9:30. Duesremain at $1.00 per meeting. Although the meetings allow for a small amount of social interaction,each gathering follows a formal structure with story presentations, written reviews and round robinoral critiques.Don Manousos was an guiding force in founding the organization. As the officialspokesperson he may be reached at 830-627-7366. The Writer’s Guild enjoys the unofficialpatronage of the New Braunfels Public Library. Naomi Patterson works there and she can be usedas a drop person for scripts and materials. (However, due to the environment please keepconversations at a minimum.)Leadership in the Guild is a shared responsibility. Last year Don Manousos, Betty Cook,Dave Stafford, Naomi Patterson, Nell Moore and Lynn Eason were chairpersons, while Rita Foust,Dawna Figol, Hollis Danvers, Nell Moore, Betty Cook, Don Manousos and Naomi Pattersonperformed secretary duties. Lynn Eason was the refreshment guru for most of the past year providingthe group with delicious homemade cookies and treats. The group has not found a permanent meetingplace so houses were invaded; wives, husbands, roommates and mothers were displaced on Tuesdayevenings, but cats of all colors came out from hiding to listen to new stories being told.The year 2004 was an active one for the New Braunfels Writers Guild. Members SarahMurphy, Dave Stafford and Kellen Kyllo entered the Comal County Annual Poetry Competition andtook Honorable Mention and Second Place respectively. One of the groups many visitors was a Ph.D.70candidate whose area of expertise was copyright laws and she shared her legal insight. Nine writersfrom the Guild enrolled in Don Manousos’ summer writing class. Naomi Patterson participated ina mentoring program with a local high school student writer. Lynn Eason attended a seminar bywriter, Donna Vann at the Bulverde-Spring Branch Library and brought story structure guidelinesback to share with the group.For many writers the Guild’s creativeenvironment become an invaluable source ofsupport. What began as a group of strangerslooking for a place to test their inkwell-keyboardsor an arena with a critical forum to expand theirabilities became a group with focus and dedication.Founded during Octoberfest, the “Wurst Writers”have established a place for creative nourishment.The New Braunfels Writers Guild celebrated theirfirst anniversary no longer as strangers but asfriends.Mystery Week Event71Spotlight Theatre Arts Group, Etc. (S.T.A.G.E.)The etc. was added to encompass all the arts and to allow the theatre to be calledS.T.A.G.E.In 1978, the Community Education Departmentof Comal Independent School District offered arearesidents the opportunity to participate in a play. Astudent at San Antonio College agreed to be the directorand for a short time, ACT (Area Community Theatre)performed several plays in the Canyon Lake - SmithsonValley area but never achieved community support. In1979, Sharon Knibbe and Betty Baker discussed thepossibility of forming a community theatre in Bulverde.The first meeting was held in Betty Bakers’ home andtwenty-five enthusiastic people showed up. One daySharon was standing in a checkout lane in San Antonioand mentioned to the lady beside her of the plans for starting a theatre in Bulverde. The lady wasGlyn Turner who had been a high school drama teacher and was looking for another outlet for hertheatrical expertise. Glyn Turner, Sharon Knibbe, and Beth B. Sherfy were the incorporators ofS.T.A.G.E. and the initial Board of Directors numbered eight. Sharon Knibbe as elected President;Glyn Turner - Managing Director; George MacConnell - Vice-president; Carolyn George - Secretary,and Bill Smith - Treasurer. Linda Hackstra, Mildred Watson and Wendy Watson were also electedto that first Board of Directors.The first years were hard. Use of the Bulverde Community Center meant sets could be erectedjust before the performance and dismantled immediately afterwards with storage of flats andequipment scattered around at different members’ homes. The Board remained devoted anddetermined to work toward the goals of the organization as stated by the by-laws:1. To provide a forum wherein artists and educators can instruct students in thedevelopment of their own artistic skills;2. To make art education and instruction available to persons of all ages in allreligions, ethnic, social, and economic groups;3. To present educational programs utilizing the arts for the instruction of thepublic on subjects useful to individuals and beneficial to the community; and4. To develop the interest and participation of the public in the dramatic arts.A children’s workshop was held that first summer with 22 children attending and continuedfor several years with the combined support of S.T.A.G.E. and the Comal Independent SchoolDistrict’s Community Education program.72Groundbreaking Ceremonies were held January 5,1984. Board Members pictured left to right: GayMorgan, Glyn Turner, Earl Jahnsen, Judd Strader,Orolie Gubser, James Jahnsen, and Sharon Knibbe.Picture was taken by Zada Jahnsen.The need for a permanent home was obvious and in 1985, the doors to Krause House built byEarl and Zada Jahnsen opened for S.T.A.G.E. participation. The Board of Directors leased thebuilding from the Jahnsens for a nominal fee and in exchange agreed to complete the remainder ofthe building.Current activities include producing four playsa year for a run of twelve performances; bringingoutside entertainment into the theatre when the theatrecalendar permits; participation in TNT and AACTactivities; and membership in the Greater NewBraunfels Chamber of Commerce and the Bulverde-Spring Branch Chamber, The Greater New BraunfelsArts Council and SATCO. S.T.A.G.E. providesinstructors for the Eli Lily Foundation Classes (ELFS)for adults and children and ENCORE PLAYERS, anoutreach program to the Bulverde Senior Citizens’Center for Readers’ Theatre.S.T.A.G.E. sponsors a benefit performance onopening night of each season slate production to a 501(c)(3) organization that has requested a benefitand complies by selling a block of tickets.S.T.A.G.E. has endured sad times - the stage curtain is a tribute to Cheri Gubser, one of thetheatre’s talented teenage actresses who was killed by a drunk driver in a head-on collision in 1988.Her parents, Chuck and Orolie served faithfully on the Board of Directors in those beginning years.Another patron, Joe Enos had a fatal heart attack while serving sodas during a performance. Thememorial wall honors those who have touched the lives of the theatre family.S.T.A.G.E. sponsored Chad Speer to theInternational Festival in Monaco in 1996. Chadwas one of fifteen students in the WORLD invitedto participate in the festival and upon arrival waschosen to write the history of the Grimaldi Familyfor presentation. The Grimaldi Family praised hiswork. S.T.A.G.E. also co-sponsored SandraGolsch in the local Junior Miss Teen Age Pageant.She won the title for Texas Junior Miss Teen AgePageant and went on to win the title of NationalMiss Teen Age Pageant in June of 1996.S.T.A.G.E. was quite proud of the founder, SharonKnibbe and her daughter, Shannon, when theywere crowned winners in the fourth annual TexasMother/Daughter Pageant in 1990. AnotherS.T.A.G.E. student, Steffanie Zerbel (nowMost of the S.T.A.G.E. productions were presentedat the Bulverde Community Center from 1979through 1984.73married) is an actress at Universal Studios in Florida.She is one of ten actresses picked by Lucille Ball’sfamily to portray Lucy.Proud? Yes, directed by a Corporate Managerand a Board of 15 dedicated members, the theatrestrives to continuously improve the facility andproductions.For information contact S.T.A.G.E., 1300Bulverde Rd., Bulverde, TX 78163 - (830)438-2339.Compiled by Bobbye Streightoff.The Tomorrow Box - left to right: KathleenLovejoy, Larry Beauchamp, Larry LaPaglia.7475The Tourjeté Dance CompanyA relative newcomer (two years andcounting) to New Braunfels, the Tourjeté Dancecompany comprised of talented dancers from NewBraunfels Dance Studio perform at many localevents including the Comal County Fair,Wassailfest, Gruene Market Days and Dinner withthe Arts. Their outreach includes performing at theGuadalupe Nursing Home and assisting Santa atSanta’s Ranch. Other performances have includedspring competitions and a “Spring Showcase” at theNew Braunfels Museum of Art and Music.At a Starbound competition (for San Antonioarea dancers), Tourjeté took home 12 gold and twosilver awards and an invitation to compete in Nationals.The dedicated dancers have ranged in age from seven to 16 years and practice every Saturday.The Tourjeté is a growing dance troupe whose hard work is complemented by the fun they havesharing their love of dance with the New Braunfels area.The dance studio is located at 1117 N. Walnut, Suite 2. Call Tina Bretzke - 625-9852, formore information..

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