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Want to get involved? Become a Member? We offer 2 different Membership Levels:

Organizational Membership @$75/year (Non-Profit & For-Profit) and Art Advocate Membership @$60/year (see below).

Annual Memberships run from January to December each year, and billed in November. 

As part of GNBAC's mission, we support and promote the arts and arts education in New Braunfels and Comal County.

Purchase a membership today to reap the rewards from being a member of our organization!


Organizational Members

Art Advocate Members

Jon and Karen Akkerman
Candy and Bruce Carpenter
Lisa and Marc Heymann
John and Amber Martin
Charles and Joyce Silverman
Patricia Bischoff & Family

Carol Bissett
Dean Fredrick
Ellen Geis
Ralph Gill
Lisa Hood

Katrina Korpeck
Cheryl Kridel
Joy Lindsey

Deborah Richman
Cathy Talcott
Sara Turner
Analia Voss


Thank you for your
dedication to the Arts!
We're always looking for fresh faces and inspiration!

  • Organizational

    Annual Membership for Non/For-Profit Organizations
    Valid for one year
  • Art Advocate Member

    Art Advocate Annual Membership for Families & Individuals
    Valid for one year
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