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2015-2016 New Braunfels Arts Council

2019 Poetry Contest Details:

Entries: Feb 15, 2019 - March 31, 2019

Awards on April 18th at Circle Arts Theatre.

Poems, on any subject and in any form, must be at least 8 lines long
 and fit on one page, typed or printed.  The poet’s name, age category and school (unless adult), complete address, email address and telephone number should be placed on the upper left corner of the back.

Please, no more than TWO (2) entries per person.


There are four age categories:

  • Fifth and Sixth Grades

  • Seventh and Eighth Grades

  • High School

  • Adult


1st, 2nd & 3rd place recipients receive $50, $25, and $10 in each category, respectively, Plus a $100 grand prize. Prizes will be awarded at the Apr 19th GNB Arts Council Meeting at Circle Arts Theatre.

Mail To: Poetry Contest, PO Box 311171, NB, TX 78131

You may also email your submissions to


2017 Poetry Awards Winners:

Lynne M. Elliott Award

            “Missing The Mark” by Michelle Price of New Braunfels


Finalists listed in alphabetical order

5-6th Grade Category Finalists

            1st place, Aslinn Quinn, Cross Lutheran, “Left”

            2nd place, Jenna Patch, Cross Lutheran, “I Closed My Eyes One Day”

            3rd place, Mariam Zaky, Cross Lutheran, “Love”

            Honorable Mention, Nico Suazo,  Cross Lutheran, “The Sandcastle”

7-8th Grade Category Finalists

            1st place, Ysabella Aguilar, SV Middle School, “Black Fear”

            2nd place, Karly Post, Cross Lutheran, “Books”

            3rd place, Jadon Grimsley, NB Christian Academy, “Great People”

            Honorable Mention, Emily Childers, Cross Lutheran, “And Suddenly She Was There”

High School Category Finalists

            1st place, Victoria Pate, NB Christian Academy, “Silence”

            2nd place, Isabel Morales, Canyon High, “Nostalgia”

            3rd place, Macy Minter, Lockhart High, “Humans Help Me”

            Honorable Mention, Margaret Owens, NE School of the Arts, “Glass Parachutes”

Adult Category Finalists

            1st place, Don Burquest, “Tokens of Love”

            2nd place, Larry Shepherd, “Myra and Molly at Bat”

            3rd place, Les Haas, “When the Coffee Goes Cold”

            Honorable Mention, Bennie Bock, “Bluebonnet in April”

2016 Poetry Contest Winners


5-6th grade

1st – “That Old Grandfather Clock” by David Plocica, NB Christian Academy

2nd – “Scary Night” by Kendall Jeffers, Cross Lutheran

3rd – “Imaginary Friend” by Haleigh Mabrito, Cross Lutheran

Honorable Mention – “Treasure” by Chloe Henderson, Cross Lutheran


7-8th grade

1st – “Beyond The Barbed Wire Fence” by Jordan Auld, SV Middle School

2nd – “Hero” by Karoleena Coleman, SV Middle School

3rd – “This Journey” by Jacob Munter, SV Middle School

HM – “Walking Pencils” by Mia Post, Cross Lutheran


High school

1st – “Messy Houses” by Jamie Grimes, SV High School

2nd – “The Bidding War” by Isabella Reyes, Canyon High School

3rd – “Reciprocated Actions” by Devin Sunshine Salmon, Premier HS of NB

HM – “Autism Screams” by Margaret Ann Owens, NE School of the Arts



1st – “Baking Christmas Cookies at Grandma’s House” by Michelle Price

2nd – “In Mourning” by Les Haas

3rd – “Old Fart” by Larry Shepherd

HM – “My Kite” by Mark Whittaker


Lynn M Elliott Memorial Award for best overall poem, “Windmill” by Scott Moulthrop